Each vial contains 150 mg of medroxyprogesterone acetate, and has to be injected intramuscularly once every three months.

Available in box of 20 vials @ 3ml.
The efficacy of depo medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA), as a contraceptive agent, has been proven with a very good result since 1966. Up to know DMPA injection had been used in over 80 countries involving more than 30 millions women in the whole world.

In preventing pregnancy, DMPA acts essentially by inhibiting ovulation, increasing the viscosity of the cervical secretion, thus preventing sperm penetration into uterus, changing the rate of ovum transport throughout the fallopian tubes and reducing the possibility of nidation.

A number of advantages of the use of injectable contraception in different settings have been put forward and some of these are:

1. Highly effective contraceptives, equal to or better than combined oral
contraceptives, especially in terms of “use-effectiveness”.
2. Long action following a single injection.
3. Simple to administer.
4. Freedom from “fear of forgetting” which may occur with the pill.
5. Independent of coitus.
6. No suppression of lactation, which may be particular value in some developing
7. No estrogen side effects or complications.
8. Minimal gastrointestinal disturbance.
9. In many countries injections are equated with safe and powerful medicine and
are highly acceptable.
10. Continuation rates of use are high.
11. Regular 1 to 6 monthly contact with health personnel may allow detection and
treatment of other problem.

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